Artwork is the successful cooperation
between a head and two hands.


For more than 50 years already I am collecting applied artwork all over the world.
I spend my time with experts and masters, learning and training myself more and more.
Through all this years I collected knowledge of techniques and thought me the handling of tools in a variety of skills.

Dealing with Elements like Fire and Water, and putting my steam against forces like gravity or working with the surface tensions of different lacquers or liquid colours, trained my understanding of the powers behind and the motor activity.

I get hooked on a skill, as soon as faszination rouses.
Therefore, a variety of artwork has become assembled under the roof of K & W.
I am always practicing and learning and recently I started to teach again.


Old Indian traditional clay work
Technique and firing in charcoal&wood


Over days, the shaped clay has to be polished with a pearl of glass, to smooth the surface and give it that glacing shimmer, without using any glaze.
Traditionally this technique was used to prolong the life of a waterpot. The better the inner surface was polished the longer it would last.
The firing in the charcoal and the wood gives the object unexpected colours.

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Meditative knot art

Meditative Knöpferkunst  

The meditative knot art only demands from the student to be in control of one single knot.
The student also must be capable to make the knot with the other hand in the reflected-face-way.
The reflected-face-way knotted knots must be knotted on the right and the left side following up by rotating the work 90o and also on the opposite side.
The outcome of this will be a star.

For practical understanding I offer a course in the art of knotting.

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Making pearls of glass


The art of making pearls of glass is known since 3500 B.C.
It’s history began in Egypt and Mesopotamia.
Merchants and traders used the pearls of glass as money.
The knowledge of producing coloured glass is still top secret.
But you can learn how to make pearls of glass with me at my studio.


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Kreative painting

Frühling im Maggiatal  
Kreatives Malen

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Painting on Porcelaine


The masters of porcelain painting still exist today!
Who remembers the fine china ware on the sunday afternoon coffee table?
The delicate porcelain fell out of fashion.

  • Who still knows:
  • The art of painting porcelain?
  • The knowledge of colours which can stand up enormous heat during the firing process?
  • The right mix of media and pigments?
  • The tools?
  • The technique of firing?
  • The perfect stroke with the brush?

The knowledge is in danger to get lost.


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